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Corporate Editorial

A customised editorial approach to your commercial business

Corporate Editorial |

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Adults’ One-to-One 10-Week Course to enhance your writing skillsets and to help you eventually publish your own work.
We cater to all ages in small groups of 5-8 students maximum divided in separate classes for Children (7-12 years of age), Teens (13-18 years of age) and Adults (19+ years of age).
Our Editorial Services spanning from Proofing & Editing to Corporate Communication cover all the requirements of an individual author as well as those of the most demanding Corporate Entity.
Our mission statement is not only to help you write your own success stories, but we also aim to help you get published and in doing so, take the first steps towards becoming an author.
The Write Space – Books is an Imprint of PubliBook Ireland (Link). You can also consult our Catalogue on this site (Link).

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