7 Reasons Your Child Needs Jnr. Shakespeares


7 Reasons Your Child Needs Jnr. Shakespeares

Rightly so, some parents, and I would have been one of them myself back in the day – may be wondering – just how relevant is Shakespeare going to be for my Primary School child? Thinking about it, using words like Thee and Thou – can muddle the minds of many children. Not to mention the stumbling words in the Sonnets and the Plays. It’s enough to take the fun out of writing! And of course, that is not what I am about. Fun is the major factor in everything I do in the Junior Shakespeares!


So – I make Shakespeare relevant and that way I keep it fun. We look for example at Sonnet No. 18 – The first simple line: Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day…


The children learn through many writing methods how to SHOW the summer’s day. Not just like…the sun was shining but more like…the smell of the roses along the garden path, made me think of heavenly sweets.


That way the Thees and Thous slip through the net and become part of normal conversations. We work with children at all writing levels, maybe some coming to me for the first time having never written a story at all!


Writing through Shakespeare, your child can:

  1. Achieve academic success in later years from a gathered background of limitless vocabulary, spelling and grammar.
  2. Communicate more effectively when they develop correct spelling as well as precise grammar needed to convey their ideas in written form.
  3. Improve mature instincts from understanding how shades and meaning can convey emotions in Shakespeare’s writing.
  4. Become more empathetic through studying themes in Shakespeare’s writing.
  5. Gain level-headed thinking from structured writing, leading to greater social connections with others and improved confidence as adults.
  6. Develop cognitive skills and generate ideas through analysing and evaluating.
  7. Realise Shakespeare is fun and keep an academic awareness throughout their school years.


These are the ONLY Shakespeare Writing Summer Camps in Ireland and they are here in:


The Grain Store – Cabinteely – July 10-14 (10 a.m. to 2 p.m.)

The Write Space – Dundalk – July 3-7 or 17-21 (10 a.m. to 2 p.m.)

Fee: 145 per child   135 for a second sibling

Group discount for bookings over sixth child.

Bring the benefits of Shakespeare to your child:


To be or not to be? That is the question! (Can you think of any other questions you might want to ask me?) Here to help!


More details on – http://www.thewritespace.ie/junior-shakespeares-writing-summer-camp


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