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Content Creation

Content Creation includes addressing your needs for a customised editorial approach to your business. I will provide all the services required to meet the most demanding of environments.  Most people write with their thinking cap on and never realise you need to write from the heart. Doing that in a business way, involves writing techniques that I have been using for a long time. I can change your content to create a mood, and grab your client/reader in the emotional process. At whatever stage your project, be it large or small, I work to your requirements. I know how to write the words your client really needs to hear.

Corporate Content Meetings – Why not allow me a few hours of your time in the mornings to bring my Content Creation Workshop to you? Fee of 300 euro.

Example: Your product – a new pen. Your writing from the head:

Our pen is the only mighty pen you will need. Watch how it works to make your client’s dream come true. WRONG

Our purple, purposeful pen, will play with your performace. Enhancing every stroke into a masterstroke and a perfect companion for your best public ever. RIGHT

Techniques and tones can create mood. But not to go wrong, give me a call. 086-8104927

I also provide Corporate Conferences for mornings or afternoons. Just a few hours will make all the difference to your client base and attract more customers.  Call me to book an appointment.

I can work with you on:

– Press Releases and Brochure Websites.
– Annual Reports and Newsletters.
– Corporate Websites and Blog Content.
– Consultancy and Private Projects along with website reviews.

By choosing The Write Space as your corporate content creator I will:

  1. Listen carefully to your exact needs and concept brief.
  2. Source information quickly and efficiently, through interview or news gathering using our journalistic skills.
  3. Hone the details of your text and add clarity using skills from a Team of technical and industrial magazine writers and editors.
  4. Omit irrelevant information, correct grammar and spelling. Get your core message to shine quickly.
  5. Enhance your text as an attractive viable proposition with skills from our Team of writers and authors.
  6. Connect clients emotionally to your text and product or service using our Team skills of creative writing professionals.
  7. Immerse the client into your success story and see you as their solution, using our Team skills as a publisher.

By using these methods to benefit your business, I will ensure:

  • Your business requirements are met totally.
  • Your corporate message is clear.
  • Your client is attracted to your corporate site.
  • Your client will connect with you. Invest into your message, your product and services.

All of this, adding value to your product or service, to your company and to your strengths, leading to increased customer numbers.

Some nice words:

Go Wild Magazine – Bobby Power

“I would like to thank Brenda. She did a sterling job for us.”…/docs/go_wild__-_dublin___summer___autumn


Barry Reilly – Owner, Deluxe Irish Tours –

“A massive thank you for the website content you created for me. I am overjoyed with the finished script. I would recommend you for your creative and professional worth to all.”


“I highly recommend The Write Space for content creation. They worked on projects for me and created such good content that attracted new clients for my business, Shop Brownie Points. I know content is so important to get my business message across and I am delighted with the final results.” Denise Robinson – Director, Shop Brownie Points.


“I found Brenda’s review insightful and brought a new perspective to my thinking.” Charley Swords Managing Director – Charley Swords. Also delighted to work with web-designers Marketing For Me.