Earthly Angels Arrive!


Earthly Angels Arrive!

















We have been busy this year. Here is our second publication just this month. Can you believe it? The Write Space certainly can’t!

Usually when I deliver books to authors, it is a swift cup of coffee amid all the excitement of opening boxes and holding much longed-for books.

In this case on a bright Saturday afternoon I was treated to a sumptious home-made lunch in the warmth and comfort of Gillian and Alan O’Rourke’s home in Kells.

While the sun failed in its attempt to head in for the afternoon, the craic was mighty as the pinks and blues on the covers shone vibrantly in the relaxed sunshine hitting off the kitchen table and peppering our conversations.

Talking of Earth Angels brought a new dimension to my work and to the joy I can only receive from wonderful authors who allow me to listen to their stories and their dreams.

Without doubt when I headed out to the car and we looked at the rainbow arched in the sky, we could only smile that this was the ending and beginning of a new writing life.

This book was born in a heart-beat and given so much care and attention that its message is clear and true. It will reach into your soul and guide you to another side.

Reviews already coming in are high praise indeed. ‘A gift.’ ‘Wonderful.’ Some have even flown further afield than Ireland and have reached New Zealand.

Gillian says her book is: ‘A collection of heart-warming little stories with a modern message. For people of all ages or just for anyone who is finding that their path through life is a little tough for whatever the reason.

We can either curse the darkness or look for the light. We are each of us, stars just waiting to shine. Take the first step and see where that might lead you.’

Earthly Angels


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