Easter Camp Reviews!


Easter Camp Reviews!


Easter Camp was hopping this year making it a complete success! Thank you to the children and parents who made The Write Space the right space for Easter. We used inventive games to learn grammar, we also wrote plots, and showed how our dear fictional rabbit, Thumper Yates could see, hear, smell and think. We made the reader really part of our stories. We used pathos and alliteration. Learned the magic of palindromes and onomatopoeia. We also disappeared through portals under the table but enough about that! We had so much fun, and here’s the proof –

Eilis writes about Thumper Yates.


“I thought this Easter Camp 2017 was supercalafragalisticexpialadocsos. I just couldn’t describe it, that’s how good it was. I hope to be back for the summer one as well!”  Lucy (9)


“I love Junior Shakespeares. It teaches you vocabulary and Brenda helps you whenever you need it. The Easter Camp was great. We listened to music, played word games and wrote. The three hours always fly by!”  Rachel (10)


“I thought that I could be a writer and a famous one. So I chose The Write Space. I love the Shakespeare Camp and I loved writing. I LOVE THE WRITE SPACE.”  James (7)


“This Camp is what inspires me to keep writing when I give up hope on it. I love The Write Space as I know it will be good for me.”  Neeka (12)

Rachel’s code.


“Fridays are the best days ever!”  Conor (8)


“It was great fun! I loved writing about Thumper Yates.”  Eilis (11)


“I felt like I could do anything and whatever you wrote, you were always supported.”  Theo (11)


“I love The Write Space Shakespeare Camp! I really thought that I was the only one who admired writing, but now I know I am not the only one. I LOVE THE WRITE SPACE.”  Chibogo (9)


“I really enjoyed the Camp! The week ran quickly because of all the fun I had. Thank you for the week Brenda.”  Stephanie (12)

Signing autographs before going home.



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