February Coffee Ready?


February Coffee Ready?


It’s time to come out of hibernation and meet up! Here at The Write Space we are full of the joys of Spring. Well, we are getting there, slowly and here to help you begin your writing adventure!


Not only that – we’re throwing in a cup of coffee for free!


All we’re asking for is a few minutes of your time and a bit of chat. So who’s up for this? Where do you want to meet?


If nothing else, you will go away from our chat and coffee, feeling better about your writing ability – and get a bit more clarity to your vision.


Maybe it’s time to think about writing that life-story, that success story and the book you have always wanted to publish?


Maybe you would like to take our One to One Course to get 5 weeks or 10 weeks of absolute pure writing time, on your own terms and time, as Brenda will guide you through the best way to write your book? http://www.thewritespace.ie/write-publish-us/


Working from our Workbook, you will follow in the footsteps of many who have taken these classes before. And left feeling more confident and secure in their writing future.


You are in the Write Space for all of those things and we are here waiting to help you achieve something new for this year.


Tel- 086-8104927 and make that success story become a reality!

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