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Power On Write Words For Marketing And Sales


Every human has an internal dictionary of 25,000 words, which we use daily. It takes a micro-second to select our words and bring them into our day to day conversations.

We use the same nouns and pronouns all the time. It gets very boring and it flat-lines into the client. You need POWER WORDS to turn the client ON.

Turn those weak, written words into powerful perceptions. Then turn them into SALES. Make every word count.

Did you know that words have energy? Energy creates perception? Perception creates an experience? An experience creates a memory? A memory creates OWNERSHIP in the client. This creates SALES.

Each word is powerful and I will show you how to write the power into your words.

I’ll show you which words create URGENCY and drive SALES.

With my POWER ON WRITE WORDS Presentation you will learn how:

  1. Words function to support the senses.
  2. Words grab the client into a perception through the senses.
  3. To use the correct words through phonemes to catch the client.
  4. To measure your words through correct sentence structure for affect and impact.
  5. To evoke a memory in the client related to each word.
  6. To make the client have an experience.
  7. Make the client explore the memory and share with others.
  8. Make the client want to covet this memory.
  9. Words become energy.
  10. To use the memory as a valuable commodity to secure the sale.

For example: Product – A Pen. Details – Purple – Premier.

“Our pen is the only mighty pen you will need. A professional touch in a busy world.” (Ok but boring).

“Our purple, purposeful, Premier pen plays with your performance. Enhancing each stroke into a masterstroke. A genius companion for your best public ever.” (Correct – using the senses and igniting the need for sales).

I am now taking bookings as Guest Speaker for corporate groups. Power On Write Words Presentation is my power-point presentation and content is waiting for you.



I am now taking bookings as Guest Speaker for various marketing groups and corporations. My Content Creation is the perception of an experience. With over thirty years experience in writing to readers and clients – I know which words work and which can make your business shine! I will show you how to reach that client and secure them as a valuable long-term investor.

An easy power-point presentation and content is waiting for you.

I charge €150 per hour, per visit. Available presently in the North East and greater Dublin area.  Book today!