Soul Catcher. Little pieces of everyday wisdom


Soul Catcher. Little pieces of everyday wisdom

Soul Catcher is a guide or reminder of what you have access to and gives you insight into wisdom that is fast becoming the norm. In the past, only the very wise ones had access to this kind of information but now more and more are questioning, causing the universe to speak through many to grant them ways and answers on how to live an easier life and how to create a miraculous one.

This little book is a reminder of who you are and what you can access in your own life. This unique little book can accompany you on your own personal journey.

Fiona shares her own life affirmations, and unique poetic soul, which have helped steer her own life and many other people’s lives.

Fiona claims that by applying these higher aspects of understanding, life can be made better, even magical.

The Author

Fiona Fay is the author of the widely acclaimed book Who Is God? You Are. More about the author on

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