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Self-publishing For You

Our motto is success writes! Here at The Write Space we have helped many people to finally put that pen to paper and write their books. So you join a vast group of writers who now can call themselves authors and employ their time in a constructive and rewarding way.

We help answer and guide you through the publishing process taking great care and attention to your requests. Whether it is sub-editing, editing or design, or all, we offer competitive publishing quotes – all individually suited to your requirements.

To date we have published a number of books in various genres. They have included Mind Body & Spirit, Biography, Causes, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Historical and Poetry. We are here to meet with you for coffee and a chat. Let’s take that first publishing step together.


“Brenda was the one that shared my journey of writing my book, we laughed, we cried, we were awed on so many occasions with synchronicities. The moment I began to read my writing out loud, I got chills from head to toe, she was the first one to share this journey with me, the only one who listened to every piece of it … thank you my friend and awesome publisher from The Write Space Publishing, I am very grateful that you invited me to write it! ” Marie Fay – The Dream


We also offer conversion to EBook! Call us for more details!

The Louth Volunteers 1916 (below on video).

Here’s one writer on her own successful book journey with us:

Marie Fay author of The Dream who took one of our Write & Publish Courses with us.



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Sarah Gilbert – Author of Hello, At Last