Two New Titles Selling Down Under!


Two New Titles Selling Down Under!


We have two new titles out this Christmas! Both already selling before their launch dates!

How wonderful to know that all our hard work and dedication is ensuring these success stories are pre-launch selling.

Titles are travelling to New Zealand, Australia, New York and the U.K.

We have kept to our promises – helping you write your own success stories!

How?  We have made it even easier by smoother and more direct selling online.

This has included a new and exciting dimension to our work here.

We are now offering wonderful Landing Pages which give you your own author identity and also allow you to sell your book and provide a blog.

We sell for you and you destress!


We listen to your needs and we anticipate your wants.

While our authors have been very busy with the finishing touches to their books, we made sure that our promises were kept.

We made it clear to the authors that they would not have to wait too long, just three months from submission until publication.

Our team of designers, and editors, will always attend to all your publishing dreams.

It’s never too late to contact us, to make your writing into a published reality.

No story is ever too big or too small.

Keep up to date with events on our Twitter page @woods_brenda and @writesp

More developments will be posted as we get them!


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