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Comprehensive Creative Writing Course

These adults only 10-Week Writing Courses are uniquely comprehensive. Devised soley by The Write Space and registered to us, these courses have, during the past four years proven success. These Courses are independent only with The Write Space and are not affiliated to any other company. Within an interactive individual One-to-One  (or limited group setting if you wish – 3 maximum), you will be encouraged to write your own pieces, followed by constructive critiques. Each writer is given our own The Write Space Write-to-Publish Manual to follow through each chapter during the Course.

Course includes all aspects of writing – novel, memoir, poetry, journaling, short-story, scripts – while at the same time teaching you all the necessary writing techniques to bring your creativity to its fullest potential.

Perhaps you are just dabbling at writing, or maybe you are ready to write your own book? Have you perhaps written a screen play? Whatever stage you are at, even if you are not sure yourself, the Course will work it out for you!

This course will help sustain your dream, capture the hearts of loyal readers and get your message across. Our success is measured by what our writers tell us. The professional Team of The Write Space is standing-by to help you unlock your potential. (c) 2016

One-to-One 10-Week Writing Course (c):
  • Characterisation – How to create effective and workable fictional characters – using them to their fullest potential to support and develop your writing.
  • Plot – How to get a great plot. Seven basic plots – Hero’s Journey – Plot arcs. Sub plots.
  • Show Not Tell – Make your writing viable and alive through descriptive sensory techniques. How to use conflict to grow your writing along with suspense.
  • Outlining – How to work on your writing with the best structure possible using tried and tested methods to achieve success.
  • Dialogue – How it works effectively. How to form your voice and narrative with what works for you. Viewpoints and challenges.
  • Grammar – Common mistakes, syntax and all you will ever need to know.
  • Poetry – Word crafting through sounds, rhythms, speech – Metaphysical/Modern/Haikus.
  • First Drafts and Mistakes – The point where you need to keep going on and the how to avoid the most common mistakes in writing.
  • Script Writing – An approach to writing for screen and stage. How to achieve success. (c) 2016
  • Write-To-Publish Course Manual. (c)
  • Evaluation of your Manuscript (if any).
  • The Write Space Completion Certificate.
Adults: 19+ of age – Class Size:  One-to-One (maximum 3 – on request only)

Two hours per week for 10 weeks. Fridays 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. – Other times on request.
The Write Space – Dundalk (other venues may be arranged).
One-to-One (group of maximum 3 people per course may be arranged)
One-to-One: €552 | Group of 3 Adults: €336 per person – Both full payment due, latest on first class.
One-to-One: €120 | Group of 3 Adults: €90 per person – Both non refundable deposit due at time of booking.
The Write Space Completion Certificate.